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Evidence Based Education

Evidence Based Education combine years of experience in teaching and school leadership, in conducting research into educational leadership and evaluation, and in policy advice to the UK Government’s Department for Education.

Evidence Based Education take an objective view on effective uses of evidence in education, while also developing pragmatic, thought-provoking training and tools, designed for the complex professional lives of teachers and school leaders.

Great Teaching Toolkit


What is the Great Teaching Toolkit?

Raise the quality of teaching at your school or college with an evidence-based curriculum for teacher learning, courses to enhance specific elements of Great Teaching practice, and tools and instruments to provide feedback for professional development over time.

At the heart of the Toolkit is the Model for Great Teaching – the things teachers know, do and believe that research has shown to make the biggest difference to student learning. It can be thought of as a curriculum for teacher learning.

Aligned to the model are teacher courses and leader programmes focused on improving specific elements of Great Teaching (e.g., structuring, questioning, explaining).

Feedback tools provide insight to teachers on their practice and development, and to leaders on key characteristics of the school environment that promote learning.


What is included in the Toolkit?

The Toolkit includes teacher courses and lead programmes which relate directly to dimensions and elements of the Model for Great Teaching. Delivered online, the courses and programmes incorporate opportunities for collaboration with colleagues, as well as activities to plan, implement and evaluate pedagogical approaches in your context.


For teachers:

A selection of courses enable teachers to connect the most up-to-date research evidence on learning to practical classroom approaches, and then select and adapt individual teaching strategies to hone and use in their own practice.

Each course consists of an eight-week study period, followed by an implementation cycle.

  • Creating a supportive environment
  • Maximising opportunity to learn
  • Embedding
  • Explaining
  • Interacting
  • Questioning
  • Structuring


For Leaders:

Lead programmes cover specialist areas, each aligned to the Model for Great Teaching. Programmes provide a grounding in research evidence and then equip you to lead improvement to policy and practice in the following areas:

  • Behaviour and Culture Programme
  • Science of Learning Programme
  • Assessment Lead Programme


Feedback at the heart of learning

The Toolkit provides feedback for teachers and leaders in areas that demonstrably enhance and promote student learning:

Student surveys give your students a voice in teaching and learning, and give your teachers accessible and actionable feedback about  classroom experiences in relation to the Model for Great Teaching. The feedback they generate can be a powerful tool for teacher learning – offering additional insight that allows teachers and leaders to personalise professional development.

Video observation tools help enhance the development journey by enabling teachers to capture their practice, reflect, and seek feedback from trusted colleagues to facilitate high-impact conversations around strengths and strategies to try in the classroom.

The School Environment and Leadership staff survey provides insight to school leaders on the school-level factors that evidence suggests are our current best bets for school leaders to attend to in order to promote students’ learning. The survey questions and feedback is based on the Model for School Environment and Leadership set out in the School Environment and Leadership: Evidence Review.



Every account with a GTT subscription has access to all of the courses, tools, community and features!

Bundles are priced per school.

Bundle Name

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Enquire through DRET today to receive an additional 3 months of access to the Great Teaching Toolkit for free!


Included in the cost of a subscription, as part of The Education Hub’s network, you will also be invited to three supporting webinars; an initial kick-off webinar, a webinar exploring the feedback tools and a final webinar examining the courses of the Toolkit.

For individual schools, subscribe today here (https://toolkit.greatteaching.com/register?r=school)

For MATs and groups, please get in touch with John@evidencebased.education using the subject 'DMAT GTT enquiry'.


Case Studies

Kellett School: https://iscresearch.com/a-common-language-for-great-teaching/

Heworth Grange: https://evidencebased.education/the-great-teaching-toolkit-at-heworth-grange/

St Aidan’s: https://evidencebased.education/professional-development-at-st-aidans-perspectives-on-the-great-teaching-toolkit/ 


Important links

Ts and Cs: https://toolkit.greatteaching.com/static/media/2022-06_GTT_Ts_and_Cs.72860a9a.pdf

End User Licence Agreement: https://toolkit.greatteaching.com/static/media/2022-06_End_User_Licence_Agreement_-_GTT.b36af082.pdf


Supporting videos / tutorials:

How do I give and review feedback on videos (this includes two videos): https://support.evidencebased.education/en/knowledge/how-do-i-give-and-review-feedback-on-videos

School Environment & Leadership survey: https://support.evidencebased.education/en/knowledge/how-do-i-use-the-school-environment-and-leadership-survey

An introduction to the Great Teaching Toolkit (an 8-minute video): https://vimeo.com/639479125



 Assessment Academy | Assessment Essentials



Assessment Academy

Assessment Essentials focuses specifically on ‘what every teacher needs to know about assessment’.

The Assessment Essentials course follows a micro-lesson structure, designed to fit around the busy timetable of teachers and is a commitment of around 1.5 hours per week. It includes insight interviews with leading thinkers and practitioners – Dylan Wiliam, Daisy Christodoulou, John Hattie and others who will help teachers reflect on and develop their practice.

There are two overarching goals of Assessment Essentials:

  1. to help make your students learning more visible and, thereby, increase confidence in the dependability of decisions made in the classroom and beyond;
  2. to help maximise the power of assessment as a powerful learning tool.



  • Week 1: Introduction and perspectives on assessment
  • Week 2: Making the invisible (learning) visible
  • Week 3: Harnessing assessment as a powerful learning event
  • Week 4: Intent, implementation and impact
  • Week 5: Enhancing your assessment practice
  • Week 6: The power and potential of feedback & delivering effective feedback
  • Week 7: Fairness in assessment
  • Week 8: Theory into practice: selecting and designing assessments
  • Week 9: Theory into practice: selecting and designing assessment (pt. 2)
  • Week 10: Embedding great assessment in your classroom

Who is it for?

The ten-week course responds directly to the clear and pressing problems identified by the Carter Review of Initial Teacher Training and, as such, Assessment Essentials is ideal for ITT, RQTs and in-service teachers alike.

I’d recommend Assessment Essentials to every teacher!” – Nikki Booth, Assessment Advisor at Wolgarston High School discusses his experience of the course.


What is the cost?

The Assessment Academy costs £130 per person, and includes both Assessment Essentials and supporting webinars on areas of assessment practice.

Assessment Academy will:

  • Improve the efficiency of assessment practices, helping you reduce workload– do more with less
  • Guide you to question existing practices
  • Help you link assessment with curriculum and pedagogy, to improve student outcomes
  • Reframe the value of assessment, offering case studies and advicefrom other school leaders
  • Maximise the power of assessment as a tool for learning



"I have really enjoyed this course - it was exactly what I needed for my CPD and way beyond the quality my school can provide in-house!"

"A gem of a course! This is the most valuable CPD I have had in a long time. The quality of materials is excellent and the ability to work through the course in one's own time is extremely helpful for the busy teacher!"

"The course has been genuinely useful and encouraged me to re-think some of the departmental-level assessment practices we had."


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