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ECT Maths Pilot in partnership with Ambition Institute


You may be aware that in addition to the core ECT programme that Ambition Institute run in partnership with the Teaching School Hub, Ambition Institute is developing an early career teachers’ pilot exclusively for maths teachers. 100 early career maths teachers and 100 mentors will be able to participate in the Early Career Teachers Programme, with a special focus on maths. We are delighted to share that this ECT Maths pilot will be delivered by Ambition, in partnership with the David Ross Education Trust Teaching School Hub and supported by the National Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM).


This pilot is primarily to establish whether a tailored, subject-specific maths version of the Early Career Teachers programme is effective. The results of the pilot’s evaluation will be instrumental to then inform future thinking around programme design. The maths pilot will follow the same sequence as the usual Early Career Teachers Programme, but early career maths teachers will also benefit from the following:

> Removing barriers to progression - The pilot will address the common gaps and misconceptions that often become key barriers to progression in maths.

> Instructional coaching - Focusing on instructional approaches with maths, including modelling, worked examples, scaffolding and explicit teaching.

> Prior knowledge - Learning how to activate and build on prior knowledge – including retrieval and distributing and varying practice.

> Understanding and language - Developing strategies to support conceptual understanding. Learning how to support the development of the language of mathematics.

> Learning flexibly - Access to our market-leading Steplab platform for flexible learning to fit around your schedule.

Those schools involved in the pilot will be acknowledged in the final evaluation report.

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