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Whole School SEND launch second edition of popular free resource - The Teacher Handbook: SEND


In their commitment to fostering inclusive practices across schools, the National Association for Special Educational Needs (NASEN) has crafted a comprehensive handbook that embodies a shared vision and genuine collaboration. This resource serves as a guide for teachers aiming to embed inclusive practices in their classrooms, catering to primary, secondary, and specialist colleagues.

What sets this handbook apart is its holistic perspective, bringing together insights from children, young people, families, teachers, support staff, subject specialists, SENCOs, senior leaders, and external agencies. NASEN has successfully woven a golden thread throughout the document—the graduated approach. This approach enables school staff to observe and understand the strengths, interests, successes, and challenges of learners, fostering an environment that maximizes their potential.

Central to the handbook is the assess-plan-do-review learning cycle, empowering teachers to create inclusive classrooms that prepare learners for the next stages of education and adulthood. Notably, the document consistently refers to children and young people as 'learners,' emphasizing their active participation in the classroom and the commitment to providing necessary adaptations for their engagement and progress.

It brings together practical examples of high-quality teaching - placing focus on removing barriers to learning, getting to know and understand individual learners, and bringing to life the graduated approach.

With three completely new subject-specific chapters for History, Geography and Religious Education, it offers a wealth of ideas and information about the following key areas:

  • Planning inclusive lessons
  • Creating including environments
  • Curriculum considerations for KS3 and 4
  • Strategies to scaffold learning
  • Vocabulary retentions
  • Supporting learners who need additional conceptual understanding


NASEN envisions the curriculum beyond subject-based learning, encompassing the lived experiences of learners in schools. The handbook advocates for supported access to broader opportunities that genuinely promote personal, social, and intellectual inclusion.

The handbook embodies the collaborative and inclusive approach needed to foster a learning environment where all learners can thrive, irrespective of their abilities or challenges. Further details here 

Download your copy of the handbook below.

teacher handbook send january 2024.pdf