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DRET Teaching School Hub Policies

DRET TSH Safeguarding appendix 2023/2024

DRET TSH Privacy notice 2023/2024

The Teaching School Hub Office is on the site of Havelock Academy. Please find relevant policies, including the Havelock Academy's Safeguarding and Protection Policy below:


Alongside DRET Teaching School Hub's own individual policies, please find policies that apply to the Teaching School Hub from the Trust below:


David Ross Education Trust - Policies - DRET

The Trust has policies that run across every academy in the Trust. Individual academies also have policies determined locally. These policies can be found on the websites for the individual academies, and include behaviour and admissions.


National Institute of Teaching Policies

NIoT Engagement, deferral, withdrawal policy for NPQs

NIoT Complaints Policy

NIoT Safeguarding Policy

 Ambition Institute Policies

Ambition Policies


Ambition Institute Assessment Appeals Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all summative assessments within Ambition Institute are a reliable indicator that the intended programme and assessment standards have been met. We seek to achieve these standards by laying out a robust process that will lead to fair and consistent marking practices.

Ambition Institute Plagiarism Policy

The objective of this policy is to ensure that all participants on our programmes or those completing a programme through our alliance partners are aware of the consequences of any form of plagiarism when submitting written assignments and course content for assessment.

Ambition Institute Complaints Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that complaints are dealt with in an appropriate manner. The complaints policy and procedure is accessible to all, and all complaints are handled in a fair, consistent and timely way.

This policy allows for all stakeholders and learners to log a formal or informal complaint should they have a need to.

Ambition Institute Deferral Policy

This policy outlines our approach to requests from participants to defer a programme place, including circumstances where a deferral would be approved, and arrangements that would apply in managing the deferral from and return to the programme.